Tips for Living With PTSD

Living with PTSD is very difficult and it is mandatory that when dealing with it you have a support system either with you or around you. It is very normal to want to be withdrawn or even isolated due to the events that caused this terrible happening. Do your best to spend time with people you love or people you … Read More

Tips for Living With Sleep Apnea

Living with sleep apnea can be a nightmare. Day after day the headaches return with the daytime sleepiness, and the utter feeling of exhaustion. These are just some of the symptoms of sleep apnea. Others include poor mood, snoring, dry mouth, weight gain, and even depression. While a CPAP machine can drastically improve the quality of your sleep and therefore … Read More

Tips for Mental Health Cleansing

Mental Health is an issue that has long been overlooked. With the recent events in COVID-19 and all the political and societal unrest that has been occurring mental health is crucial to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is really important for our physical and mental health. Sleep helps to regulate the chemicals in our brain that transmit information. These chemicals … Read More

Tips for Surviving Daylight Savings Time

Turning the clock forward or back for Daylight Saving Time is always hard. Losing an hour in the spring can leave you groggy for weeks while the extra hour in the fall can feel like a windfall – but can disrupt your sleep, nonetheless. Follow these tips to get through time change sleep disruption so that when morning comes, you’re … Read More

How to Cope with Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an annoying ringing or buzzing in the ears. It is very difficult for people who suffer from this to cope on a day-to-day basis. Avoid stress as much as possible, avoid stimulants including coffee, alcohol, and nicotine to help cope with some of the symptoms. Tinnitus is easily dealt with during the day as our society nowadays is … Read More

How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Along with normal health concerns, we have to deal with COVID-19 as well. We will be covering some tips and tricks to stay healthy and safe this holiday season. The obvious ones being washing your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, do not share drinks or food, and taking Vitamin C. Along with safety tips regarding COVID, it is generally … Read More

How to get Prescription Refills Using Telehealth

If you have no experience with telemedicine, you might assume it’s difficult to receive a prescription refill online, where a doctor isn’t physically there to write one for you. Remedy makes it easy—our medical professionals can refill your prescriptions via video consultation and send them to a pharmacy of your choice. Many patients see multiple physicians regularly to manage their … Read More

How to know if PTSD is getting worse

For some people, merely recalling a traumatic event feels just like going through it all over again. PTSD affects not only the individual, but others around that person as well. Many people recover with support of family and friends, but some develop PTSD. PTSD is an anxiety disorder that may last a lifetime if appropriate help is not received. PTSD … Read More

Managing and Reducing Stress

Stress in this day and age is a plague that has infected everybody at some point or another. Managing and reducing stress is talked about often, however, not many people actually know how to do so when things get messy. Exercise is usually the first thing people mention when talking about stress. It is best to get an hour or … Read More

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is produced in testicles and ovaries. It is the main sex hormone for males, but females have trace amounts of it as well. Increasing testosterone levels can cause rapid gains of muscle mass and vitality in only a matter of weeks. Having healthy levels of testosterone is vital as people age. People with healthy … Read More