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Elevate Your VA Claim with Naretev Health: We deliver the medical expertise you need for your VA Disability Claim.

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If you're a veteran denied service connection for a disability or seeking to increase your rating, our comprehensive Medical Report service is your solution. Our evaluation and expert collaboration simplify the journey, culminating in a legally robust opinion letter.

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The initial step involves evaluating your service-related conditions against any VA decisions you received. We will explore your existing medical diagnosis to determine the suitability of a Medical Opinion Letter for your case.

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Our skilled team of medical and legal professionals will craft a legally sound Medical Opinion Letter that aligns seamlessly with VA requirements. We are the ONLY medical reporting company that utilizes VA accredited attorneys to assist us in analyzing not just the medical requirements, but the legal requirements for your case.

Document Your Case

A dedicated representative will work closely with you, guiding you through our process to gather the crucial information needed to strengthen your Medical Opinion Letter.

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Approach disability benefits with assurance, armed with medically substantiated evidence that conforms to the VA's establishedcriteria. Don’t have a lawyer? We can recommend some for you to maximize your potential for victory.

Who Qualifies for a Medical Opinion Letter?


Denial Within the Past 5 Years

Denied? Need an Increase? You have the opportunity to strengthen your case by obtaining the medical evidence you need to win. Every VA Disability case requires medical evidence. Forget the rest and rely on the Best! Naretev Health.


Preexisting Disability Diagnosis

Our Nexus Letter service excludes a medical examination but necessitates a preexisting medical diagnosis of your disability.

Tyler was amazing. He read through a voluminous amount of my documentation without taking dime and gave me his honest opinion of a successful VA Claim. Once I decided to move forward, he and I worked with the medical staff to present the best possible package. Dr. Stotland was very easy to work with and constructively used my input to fine tune his final letter of support. In the end, I ended up receiving 20% disability with 2 of the 4 issues awarded a 10% disability designation. Naretev exceeded my expectations in all respects and was worth every penny of their consulting fee. Congratulations on providing a top rate service drastically needed by U.S. Veterans of all Branches!!

- Doug

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Since our company's inception, our mission has been dedicated to assisting Veterans in navigating the complexities of VA disability claims. We aim to offer respect, competence, and clarity throughout the entire process. Having witnessed the challenges faced by disabled Veterans, we have developed a streamlined approach to acquire the precise medical evidence required for confidently completing a VA disability claim.

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Discover the route to precise documentation that can have a significant impact by arranging a complimentary consultation with Natatev Health.

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