IMO Opinion

Naretev Health is dedicated to providing unparalleled support to veterans by delivering comprehensive Independent Medical Opinions (IMOs) and medical reports crucial for substantiating their claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Process Overview
  • Medical Record Review: Our experienced medical team meticulously reviews veterans' medical records to provide in-depth medical opinions for each identified issue.
  • Drafting and Review: After drafting the reports, our head medical director and an accredited VA attorney meticulously review them. Subsequently, veterans have the opportunity to approve the draft before our doctors conduct a final review and sign off on the report.
  • Submission Support: Once the reports are finalized, we provide them to veterans for submission to the VA.
Unparalleled Attention and Care
  • Unlike traditional nexus letters, our approach is distinguished by the extreme care and time invested in addressing each of the veterans' medical issues thoroughly.
  • Our physicians go to great lengths to ensure that each issue is substantiated with robust medical and legal evidence.
  • Access to a team of dedicated doctors and legal professionals.
  • Exhaustive review and substantiation of each medical issue.
  • Comprehensive support throughout the process of preparing and submitting reports to the VA.
We aim to be the trusted partner in providing the crucial evidence needed to support veterans' claims to the VA, ensuring that their medical and legal needs are met with the highest level of care and expertise.

Intake Assessment

How much is your time worth? Do you know what medical facts to look for and where to locate them when given a new case? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the $500 Intake Assessment Service will be a great help to you. Credit cards are also accepted. Whether or not an Independent Medical Opinion is part of the plan, the Intake Assessment is very valuable when considered independently.
  • A thorough review of issues must provide records.
  • $500 cost
  • Let’s vet know if their issues can be addressed and how we will address them
  • If they want to move forward with an IMO, $500 goes towards the total. *Good for 90 days
  • If they don’t, they get a thorough rundown of issues and what they need to do but no refund
  • Invoice will be sent after form is filled out

Through the Intake Assessment military veterans can fully outsource medical fact-finding beginning with intake in order to get definitive medical answers about possible military links. A comprehensive evaluation of the patient's medical records is part of an intake assessment, which also offers conclusive information on the service link. Put simply, the intake assessment service can find WIN possibilities as early as the intake phase. And all we charge is $500 for this.

After an intake assessment is completed, there is no requirement to proceed with an IMO Opinion. However, the Intake Assessment is positioned as a potent instrument to increase success because it comes with minimal cost, conclusive medical answers, and a full cost credit for an Independent Medical Opinion. It's revolutionary at this price range.

Intake assessment form