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We Understand What It Takes To Win At The VA

We have provided countless veterans with the medical opinion reports/nexus letters they need to help them get the benefits they need, earned and deserve. Winning your VA Compensation case does not happen by accident. It takes careful planning and strategy. Strong medical evidence is part of that strategy.

When you hire Naretev Doctors for your Nexus letter opinion this is what you will get:
  1. A 1 on 1 meeting with skilled and trained professionals who care about you and your concerns.
  2. A healthcare history screen
  3. Mental health assessment, (if needed for mental health claims)
  4. Data gathering regarding the symptoms of your disabilities
  5. Gathering of information about your work and educational history along with your medications history.
  6. A top quality medical opinion pertaining to your medical and legal issues signed by and reviewed by the Naretev Health Medical Director and, at least, one other licensed physician. If your case involves mental health claims then the opinion will also include the analysis of a licensed psychologist who will also sign the report.
***Every case is reviewed by a VA accredited attorney in conjunction with licensed physicians.

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For all of this you might expect to pay a lot of money, but we NEVER charge based on the number of doctors signing or on the number of disabilities. A one time, up front fee with no hidden costs. This allows our clients to plan effectively and know exactly what they are getting. We look forward to working with you. Get started with Naretev Health today by completing the form above.