Urgent Care Vs. Telemedicine

Have you ever sat in the waiting room of an urgent care just feeling absolutely terrible? Now there is an easier to visit your healthcare provider and skip the uncomfortable waiting rooms! The downside to telemedicine is the fact the doctor will not be physically present to assess your symptoms. This can lead to a misdiagnosis and even a wrong prescription. The good news is, this is best avoided by accurately answering the symptom questions before your tele visit. Urgent cares can also help spread germs. Most everybody that goes into an urgent care is sick, and the spread of germs happens easily. When using a telemedicine visit, you will not be able to schedule one for certain sicknesses. The most common sicknesses are usually what is taken care of over a tele visit. These include strep throat, pink eye, COVID, cold, flu, etc. If your symptoms get worse however you need to visit a doctor.