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Providing Evidence, Securing Success

In serving our country, American veterans made many sacrifices—but their health and well-being should not be among them. NaretevHealth believes in providing veterans and their families with discounted healthcare, guaranteeing they get the access to high-quality services and treatments. To help achieve this, Naretev is proud to offer our Partner Program; a comprehensive nexus letter service helping lawyers successfully file a claim on behalf of their client, and more importantly, ensuring the client gets the care they rightly deserve.

Nexus Opinions that Win

A nexus letter is a medical opinion stating causation of disability that resulted from time in service. For lawyers to litigate a successful case, the nexus letter must display competent medical evidence and should clearly outline a veteran’s disabilities/medical conditions as a direct result of their time in service.

As a lawyer, you put the needs of your client first and work in the best interest of their health and wellbeing—so shouldn’t nexus letter providers do the same? Who you choose to go through to obtain a nexus letter is just as important as the nexus letter itself. Implementing a unique process, Naratev helps lawyers obtain the medical evidence needed to construct, present, and win a successful nexus letter case.

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How It Works for Your Clients

Naretev believes strongly in our services, because we believe so strongly in the health and wellbeing of American veterans. We take pride in expertly meeting the needs of lawyers and offer FREE updates to our reports.

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1. Identify Issues:

The patient can identify as many relevant medical conditions as necessary with no additional charge. Naratev helps you construct a legitimate case by requiring additional information, such as service connection, increase in rating, TDIU, character of discharge, and DIC.

2. Meet With Healthcare Professionals:

Our team of licensed professionals will perform a personalized health assessment on the patient. The evaluation will include history, medications, range of motion, and beyond.

3. Receive Report:

After the evaluation is complete, both patients and their lawyers will enjoy detailed reports supported with medical evidence and literature. Each report is designed to help attorneys pursue a successful claim and is signed by the respective evaluating doctors and medical director.

Lawyers Trust Naretev Health

Nexus opinions are critical in any VA claim. Through our Partner Program, our goal is to provide complete nexus letter services, and ultimately, help lawyers help veterans. If you have a veteran client who is in need of a nexus letter, help them avoid denial and instead get the healthcare they deserve with nexus opinions that win from Naratev Health!

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