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American veterans made many sacrifices and now they need your help! Veterans want and need an attorney who can succeed. Winning a VA disability case does not happen by accident. It takes careful consideration and preparation. That is why when you are expected to give the best to your clients, you must rely on the best for independent medical evidence. To help you achieve success, Naretev Health offers comprehensive medical opinions and nexus letter services that strengthen the claims that lawyers file on behalf of their veteran clients.

Naretev Health provides quality medical opinion and nexus letter services. Some of the key differences with our opinions and those of other providers:

  • We offer a 1 on 1 appointment between the evaluating doctor and veteran

  • We provide a narrative report signed by at least 2 doctors

  • We never charge for extra disabilities and will evaluate up to 10 disabilities in one report

  • We can conduct Range of Motion tests, when indicated

  • We can conduct mental health assessment tests, when indicated

  • We employ VA certified attorneys to help us build the context for our medical reports

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Nexus Opinions that Win

You need a strong medical opinion that can establish service connection or give a basis for the need for an increase in rating. We offer nexus opinions regarding service connection, opinions to address an increase in rating, opinions for DIC claims, character of discharge and TDIU. Our doctors are licensed in all 50 states and each opinion is signed by at least two medical doctors.

In addition, in certain situations, we can even diagnose a condition. We only charge one flat rate for up to ten disabilities and never charge more based on the number of doctors signing. There are no hidden costs, fees or tricks. We gather information and evidence and then work to provide you with the best opinion that the industry can offer to help you win your case. Contact us today and let us help your clients get the benefits they deserve.

Your Naretev Team
Your Story, Your Health

How It Works for Your Clients

Naretev believes strongly in our services, because we believe strongly in the health and well-being of American veterans.

1. Identify Issues:

The veteran can identify up to 10 relevant medical conditions as necessary with no additional charge. Naratev helps you construct a strong case for service connection, increase in rating, TDIU, character of discharge, and DIC.

2. Meet With Healthcare Professionals:

Our team of licensed professionals will perform a personalized health assessment on the veteran. The evaluation will include a discussion of medical history, medications, range of motion, and other medically necessary protocols.

3. Receive Report:

After the evaluation is complete, both veterans and their lawyers will receive a detailed report supported with medical evidence and literature. Each report is designed to help attorneys pursue a successful claim and is signed by the evaluating doctors and our medical director.

Lawyers Trust Naretev Health

Nexus opinions are critical in any VA claim. If you have a veteran client who is in need of a nexus letter, help them avoid VA denial and get the medical opinion that can make a difference.

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